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  • Never let a company force you into a weed control program
  • The state of MN requires a Commercial Pesticides Applicator License
  • Always have an option to change companies for weed control
  • Make sure the company handles every complaint properly
  • Contracts for weed control are a great way to save money
  • Contracts are not necessary for one time only service
  • Ask questions frequently
  • Ask for their License Number  
  • Ask for their current Insurance information and make a copy
  • Their License Card will show all of the qualifications and information
  • Lookup their License Number to see if its Valid for the season
  • Make sure they give you a copy of what is being sprayed or applied
  • You the customer are the boss of your property, not the applicator
  • MSDS sheets are always available
  • License Lookup Link Click Here

These tips, and other tips you may have, must always be followed when choosing a Company for Weed Control.    

  • Broadleaf
  • Crabgrass
  • Fertilizing
  • Kid and Pet Friendly services also available

  • We use professional grade products to get rid of weeds.
  • Spring and Fall applications.
  • Seasonal applications.
  • Prices based on actual turf Square Footage to prevent overpricing.
  • Don't know what the weed is? We can look it up in our Database.
  • Grass not growing in a particular area? We can do soil testing also.

  • 5 applications per season  
  • 4 applications per season
  • 3 applications per season
  • 2 applications per season
  • 1 application (choose either spring or fall)

  • 1 time only
  • 2 applications (one spring, one fall)
  • Driveway cleanups with total control of grass and weeds (gravel only)
  • Products offer control of Grassy and Broadleaf weeds
  • If any product becomes discontinued or banned (EPA), we do the same

- Jr Outdoors lets the customer decide on the Weed Control and Fertilizer application that best suits their needs and budget.

-All of our prices are the same throughout the season.  Special pricing and offers only valid until April 25th 2013